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Farasoo Ziba Negah Company History
Farasoo Ziba Negah Company History

Farasoo Ziba Negah Company History


In 1988 Kish General trading Company was established in Kish Island. Since then, the company expanded its activities and was able to work with some of the most reputable brands in ophthalmic, cosmetic and consumer product market. The company started as the exclusive distributor for the hair care and hair styling products of Schwartzkopf from Germany. Soon after, the company developed its portfolio and expanded the company’s market through its exclusive distribution for Bausch & Lomb Vision Care products from 1993 to 2011. As the exclusive agent of some world renowned companies in consumer health care, pharmaceuticals, Over the Counter & Cosmetics, Kish Ronak Co thrived to share its recipe for success with new global player and made its mark as one of the best in-class distributors in Iran. Since its presence, Kish Ronak Co has been the distributor for the following companies for various timelines.



On July 2004, Farasoo Ziba Negah Company was established by the shareholders of Kish Ronak Co with the goal of having a company active in the sales and distribution of consumer products. Skilled and experienced staff along with Kish Ronak Co’s successful track record was the basis of the new company. The main office is located in Tehran and the company also has 3 other branch offices at the major cities in Iran including Mashhad, Shiraz and Karaj. Our staff is composed of 40 knowledgeable professionals with ample experience
in the sales, marketing and distribution business. In addition, more than 20 sales representatives in the capitals cities of Iran are cooperating with Ziba Negah Co. In addition to the direct sales offices, Farasoo Ziba Negah works closely with more than 20 local distributors in the other Iran provinces. The company’s integrated sales & distribution channel, enjoys an equipped infrastructure facilitiy along with well-trained sales force and an advanced detailing team with a process-centric mind-set.

Farasoo ZibaNegah’s driven and solid strategy team, along with Kish Ronak Co’s long history of success as the exclusive agent of world renowned companies has enabled us to make our mark for our business partners by providing them some of the most agile, seamless & solid market entry strategies in Iran. Furthermore, our marketing campaign is continuously monitored to ensure that each brand is uniquely positioned and targeted for its intended audience.
We strive to promote our quality brands with our knowledge of this marketplace and are ready to take advantage of new challenges to come, while expanding and strengthening to new horizons in our business.

Our sales strategy is to fill in a sales map, through an  analytical study of all types of business opportunities, identifying target market for each of our products, and striving to occupy all potential possibilities in their respective target market. We have dedicated Sales representatives (visitors) who are in constant contact with retails stores and clients to assess the needs of the market continuously. Utilizing surveys, getting feedback from sales representatives and holding focus groups and workshops is the basis of our market study which allows us to find the correct position, price and distribution channel for our products in the market compared to our competitors. 


Ziba Negah is in relationship with more than 1,500 ophthalmologists, 1,000 optometrists, and 3,000 drug stores in the major cities of Iran. The company has access to supermarkets, retailers and clients in other cities of Iran through its 20 local distributors in other major provinces of Iran. This close client relationship allows the company to have a strong position in the market when introducing new products and pre-tendering sales promotion and marketing in order 

to fill in our specs by covering all the sales channels.


We are dedicated and passionate in maintaining and growing our business relations with participation in the annual ophthalmology exhibition in Iran.

We are the proud recipient of the following awards and recognitions:

            Bausch & Lomb Best Performance 2011


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