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Website Rules and Guidelines:

Members who subscribe should study and follow the subscription rules and guidelines as outlined below:

  1. Subscription is free. Upon completing the required information such as first and last name, password and email, a link will be sent to the provided email address and a confirmation will be needed to complete the subscription.
  2. It is the subscriber’s responsibility to remember their password. This website accepts no responsibility in case of malpractice or carelessness related to membership usage.
  3. The member is responsible for providing correct user information.
  4. All information on the website is for public viewing. Any material posted from this website on other websites requires the mention of (Farasoo Ziba Negah Co.).
  5. The website accepts no responsibly is case of any discrepancies in the placing of orders that don’t match the listed information regarding the packaging content and information clearly stated on the website.
  6. This website complies with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran Laws and the laws of electronic commerce.  Members are solely responsible for any negligence of these laws in regards to member activity.
  7. Members fully understand and accept all the above guidelines and fully accept responsibility to upheld the rules.

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